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    Various rock, sediment and soil samples have been collected from drill cores, outcrops and soil sampling points. Such samples may have been analysed for physical and chemical properties, or fossil content, and the corresponding data may have been digitized or are available in old paper archives. The physical samples themselves may or may not have been stored and available for further analysis and research.

    To search samples, specify the criteria of interest. The owner institution of individual samples should be contacted for getting access to the material. Note that some preserved samples may be available only under special conditions and under collaborative research.

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IDInst.Number Locality Depth (m)Stratigraphy   Lithostratigraphy coll.anal.Weight (g)
141585GIT141585 Pirgu Pirgu Stage   0
141584GIT141584 Pirgu Pirgu Stage   Hints, Linda0
141583GIT141583 Niibi quarry Pirgu Stage   Põlma0
141582GIT141582 Kehala quarry Pirgu Stage   Hints, Linda0
141581GIT141581 Ohesaare cliff Ohesaare Stage   Märss+
141580GIT141580 4Anelema quarry 0.60Jaagarahu Stage   Jürgenson+
141579GIT141579 3Anelema quarry Jaagarahu Stage   Jürgenson+
141578GIT141578 Lehtmetsa quarry 2.502.57Jaagarahu Stage   Jürgenson+
141577GIT141577 7Undva cliff Jaani Stage   Jürgenson+
141576GIT141576 6Suuriku cliff 6.957.03Jaani Stage   Jürgenson+
141575GIT141575 Karksi outcrop Burtnieki Stage   Kurik
141574GIT141574 Essi müür outcrop Burtnieki Stage   Mark-Kurik
141573GIT141573 Russia, Srednevaldai, Tarnoga 3 borehole Russia, Srednevaldai, Tarnoga 3 borehole905.80906.20Frasnian   Prilovat Fm
141572GIT141572 1Mihkli Salumägi Jaagarahu Stage   Jürgenson+
141571GIT141571 Kudjape ditch Kuressaare Stage   Jürgenson+
141570GIT141570 Oela 1.10Juuru Stage   Jürgenson+
141569GIT141569 60Võnnu quarry (Läänemaa) Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141568GIT141568 59Võnnu quarry (Läänemaa) Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141567GIT141567 58Võnnu quarry (Läänemaa) Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141566GIT141566 57Võnnu quarry (Läänemaa) Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141565GIT141565 56Võnnu quarry (Läänemaa) Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141564GIT141564 Nadalama 0.20Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141563GIT141563 Kuru quarry, Lääne-Virumaa 1.201.33Porkuni Stage   ?Pirgu ladeJürgenson+
141562GIT141562 Kuru quarry, Lääne-Virumaa 1.101.20Porkuni Stage   ?Pirgu ladeJürgenson+
141561GIT141561 Kuru quarry, Lääne-Virumaa 1.001.03Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141560GIT141560 Kamariku borehole 21.2621.27Porkuni Stage   Kamariku Member OrdoviitsiumJürgenson+
141559GIT141559 Kamariku borehole 20.1220.13Porkuni Stage   Kamariku Member OrdoviitsiumJürgenson+
141558GIT141558 Kamariku borehole 19.4719.48Porkuni Stage   Kamariku Member OrdoviitsiumJürgenson+
141557GIT141557 Kaomäe quarry 1.001.06Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141556GIT141556 Kaomäe quarry 0.880.93Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141555GIT141555 Kaomäe quarry 0.250.30Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141554GIT141554 Härgla Quarry 1.051.25Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141553GIT141553 Härgla Quarry 0.800.85Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141552GIT141552 Paasvere 1.891.94Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141551GIT141551 Paasvere 1.701.74Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141550GIT141550 Paasvere 1.311.35Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141549GIT141549 Paasvere 1.101.14Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141548GIT141548 Paasvere 0.700.75Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141547GIT141547 Paasvere 0.600.66Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141546GIT141546 Veadla quarry Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141545GIT141545 Veadla quarry 0.300.34Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141544GIT141544 Veadla quarry Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141543GIT141543 Porkuni quarry 3.403.43Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141542GIT141542 Porkuni quarry 1.091.15Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141541GIT141541 Aruküla-Klei quarry, Lääne-Virumaa 0.800.84Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141540GIT141540 Aruküla-Klei quarry, Lääne-Virumaa 0.370.44Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141539GIT141539 Aruküla old large quarry, Lääne-Virumaa Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141538GIT141538 Aruküla old large quarry, Lääne-Virumaa Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141537GIT141537 Aruküla old large quarry, Lääne-Virumaa 0.750.80Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+
141536GIT141536 Aruküla old large quarry, Lääne-Virumaa 0.600.63Porkuni Stage   Jürgenson+