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IDLocalityCountryLatitude (dec. deg.)Longitude (dec. deg.)Vertical extent (m)Stratigraphy baseStratigraphy topDrillcoreImagesMapMA ID
23047 Koigi, Raplamaa Estonia59.07088624.762608 +
23046 Koigi, near Tapa Estonia59.18138325.952008 Juuru Stage +
23045 Aruküla quarry, Hiiumaa Island Estonia58.86426322.991333 +
23044 Loksa, Lääne-Virumaa Estonia59.16470026.179927 +
23043 Orgita 7 borehole Estonia Raikküla Stage
23042 Orgita 3 borehole Estonia Raikküla Stage
23041 Orgita 4 borehole EstoniaJuuru Stage Raikküla Stage
23040 Orgita 2 borehole Estonia Raikküla Stage
23039 Dawson Point, Canada Canada47.499548-79.618650Ordovician Silurian +
23038 5th Wheel Quarry, Canada Canada47.500701-79.702990 +
23037 Duck Springs Roadcut, Alabama United States34.135865-85.991859 +
23036 Sparks Gap Chert Pit, Alabama United States33.340639-86.964300upper Silurian upper Silurian +
23035 Fairborn Limestone Quarry, Ohio United States39.780315-83.960919 +
23034 Glenridge Landfill, Ontario Canada43.119476-79.239472 +
23033 Merritton Railroad cut, Ontario Canada43.135261-79.192813 +
23032 Inland Quarry E, Michigan United States46.067111-85.818988Silurian Silurian +
23031 Manistique Quarry, Michigan United States45.961859-86.241414Silurian Silurian +
23030 Road SE Rudyard, Michigan United States46.135155-84.509262Silurian Silurian +
23029 Fiborn Quarry, Michigan United States46.203568-85.173627 +
23028 Nora Springs, Iowa United States43.142083 +
23027 Mason City, Iowa United States43.191687-93.202591 +
23026 Rockford, Iowa United States43.050254-92.967805 Upper Devonian +
23025 Dehli West, Iowa United States42.470192-91.443245 +
23024 Goeken Park roadcut, Iowa United States43.042490-91.837784 +
23023 Hendricks Quarry, Michigan United States46.255300-85.337952 +
23022 Tributary of Grassy Creek, Missouri United States39.446853-91.157999Ordovician Silurian +
23021 Clinton Springs, Missouri United States39.440234-91.035504 +
23020 Bryant Knob, Missouri United States39.406649-90.983282Ordovician Silurian +
23019 Cape La Croix Creek, Missouri United States37.358629-89.563305Ordovician Silurian +
23018 Cape Girardeau, Missouri United States37.294821-89.519899 +
23017 Shemonaikha old Mine Kazakstan50.62692481.910944 +
23016 Talovsk Mine Kazakstan50.54906981.850989 +
23015 Prirazlomnaja borehole, Kaliningrad Oblast Russia
23014 Gussev 2 borehole, Kaliningrad Oblast Russia1317.20 Cretaceous
23013 Ridder Mine, Altai Kazakstan50.36667083.533330 +
23012 Strandskogen, Öland Sweden56.70611116.523333 + +
23011 Kellassaare, Alutaguse Estonia59.05000027.016667Pirgu Stage +
23010 Jõgeva H-534 borehole Estonia
23009 Jõgeva H-527 borehole Estonia
23008 Jõgeva H-526 borehole Estonia
23007 Jõgeva H-525 borehole Estonia
23006 Jõgeva H-524 borehole Estonia
23005 Jõgeva H-523 borehole Estonia
23004 Jõgeva H-522 borehole Estonia
23003 Jõgeva H-513 borehole Estonia
23002 Jõgeva H-516 borehole Estonia
23001 Jõgeva H-515 borehole Estonia
23000 Jõgeva H-518 borehole Estonia
22999 Jõgeva H-517 borehole Estonia
22998 Jõgeva H-519 borehole Estonia