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IDLocalityCountryLatitude (dec. deg.)Longitude (dec. deg.)Vertical extent (m)Stratigraphy baseStratigraphy topDrillcoreImagesMapMA ID
22859 Inglismäe quarry Estonia58.43400326.793586 +
22858 Akilia island 63.933000-51.667000 +
22857 South Betpak-Dala Kazakstan46.03333370.200000 +
22856 Wrangel island Russia71.228000-179.242000 +
22855 Golkonda India17.38000078.400000 +
22854 Ülgase undergound mine Estonia59.48848525.086542Furongian Pakerort Stage + +
22853 Okondja, Gabon -0.65194413.677778Proterozoic +
22852 Rijs, Friesland Netherlands52.8666675.500000 +
22851 Groningen Netherlands53.2172226.574722 +
22850 Tõrremäe Estonia59.36196359.361963Oandu Stage Rakvere Stage +
22849 Auvere Estonia59.35831228.058790 +
22848 Vollenhove, Overijssel Netherlands52.6833335.950000 +
22847 Puru Estonia59.30370527.584961 +
22846 Voose Estonia59.17630325.447258 +
22845 Hirmuse Estonia59.30825526.912928 +
22844 Thurso, Scotland United Kingdom58.596000-3.521000 +
22843 Sõtke Estonia59.39223527.829533Aseri Formation +
22842 Nica Latvia56.34583321.064444 +
22841 United States43.930949-75.588459 Ordovician +
22840 Centerville, Ohio United States39.628772-84.159164 +
22839 Walton, Kentucky United States38.875660-84.609756 +
22838 Winchester, Kentucky United States37.989984-84.179771 +
22837 Elistvere Estonia58.57305626.688889 +
22836 Hellenurme Estonia58.13527826.382500 +
22835 Päri Manor Estonia58.84755024.057936 +
22834 Kaave Estonia58.73359426.274955 +
22833 Piibe Estonia58.94210526.178477 +
22832 Tiinuse Estonia58.12739722.220747 +
22831 Etelhem, Gotland Sweden57.33722218.495833 +
22830 Nõva borehole Estonia
22829 Kuningamäe H-176 borehole Estonia95.00Juuru Stage Adavere Stage
22828 Põltsamaa H-176 borehole Estonia95.00Juuru Stage Adavere Stage
22827 Põltsamaa H-155 borehole Estonia52.20Raikküla Stage Raikküla Stage
22826 Põltsamaa H-154 borehole Estonia50.00Raikküla Stage Raikküla Stage
22825 Põltsamaa H-151 borehole Estonia50.00Raikküla Stage Raikküla Stage
22824 Põltsamaa H-153 borehole Estonia50.00Raikküla Stage Adavere Stage
22823 Põltsamaa H-159-k borehole Estonia55.00Raikküla Stage Raikküla Stage
22822 Põltsamaa H-156 borehole Estonia50.00Raikküla Stage Raikküla Stage
22821 Põltsamaa H-158 borehole Estonia105.00Ordovician Raikküla Stage
22820 Jõgeva H-502-II borehole Estonia200.00Jõhvi Substage Raikküla Formation
22819 Jõgeva H-510 borehole Estonia70.00Juuru Stage Raikküla Stage
22818 Jõgeva H-511 borehole Estonia71.00Juuru Stage Raikküla Stage
22817 Jõgeva H-512 borehole Estonia70.00Juuru Stage Raikküla Stage
22816 Jõgeva H-520 borehole EstoniaJuuru Stage Raikküla Stage
22815 Jõgeva H-531 borehole Estonia60.00Vormsi Stage Juuru Stage
22814 Jõgeva H-532 borehole Estonia40.00Raikküla Stage Raikküla Stage
22813 Järva-Jaani H-38 borehole Estonia112.00Nabala Stage Juuru Stage
22812 Põltsamaa H-152 borehole Estonia100.10Juuru Stage Raikküla Stage
22811 Põltsamaa H-160 borehole Estonia100.60Juuru Stage Raikküla Stage
22810 Jõgeva H-535 borehole Estonia200.60Jõhvi Substage Raikküla Formation