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    Various rock, sediment and soil samples have been collected from drill cores, outcrops and soil sampling points. Such samples may have been analysed for physical and chemical properties, or fossil content, and the corresponding data may have been digitized or are available in old paper archives. The physical samples themselves may or may not have been stored and available for further analysis and research.

    To search samples, specify the criteria of interest. The owner institution of individual samples should be contacted for getting access to the material. Note that some preserved samples may be available only under special conditions and under collaborative research.

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IDInst.Number LocalityDepth (m)Stratigraphy   Lithostratigraphy coll.anal.Weight (g)
144006GIT144006 ZR-516,5Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 516.50Vendian   RedkinPirrus, E+
144005GIT144005 ZR-510Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 510.00Vendian   RedkinPirrus, E+
144004GIT144004 ZR-507Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 507.00Vendian   RedkinPirrus, E+
144003GIT144003 ZR-504,1Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 504.10Vendian   RedkinPirrus, E+
144002GIT144002 ZR-497,3Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 497.30Vendian   RedkinPirrus, E+
144001GIT144001 ZR-495,4Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 495.40Vendian   RedkinPirrus, E+
144000GIT144000 ZR-478,9Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 478.90Vendian   Redkin?Pirrus, E+
143999GIT143999 ZR-476,9Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 476.90Vendian   Redkin?Pirrus, E+
143998GIT143998 ZR471.3Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 471.30Vendian   Redkin?Pirrus, E+50
143997GIT143997 ZR-446,2Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 446.20Vendian   Kotlin Formation Jaama kihistikPirrus, E+
143996GIT143996 ZR-340,5Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 340.50Vendian   Kotlin Formation Pirrus, E+
143995GIT143995 ZR-255Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 255.00Cambrian   Lontova Formation Mahu kihistikPirrus, E+
143994GIT143994 ZR-229Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 229.00Cambrian   Lontova Formation Mahu kihistikPirrus, E+
143993GIT143993 ZrF-182Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 182.70Cambrian   Lontova Formation Pirrus, E+
143992GIT143992 Zr-179Zaretshye 1 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 179.00Cambrian   Lontova Formation Pirrus, E+
143991GIT13-39A Kostovo 13 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 435.00Vendian   Redkin FormationPirrus, E+
143990GIT13-38A Kostovo 13 borehole, Leningrad Oblast 433.00Vendian   Redkin FormationPirrus, E+
143989GIT143989 Borehole No. D-8 151.30Keila Stage   Hints, Linda
143988GITEST143988 Tagavere quarry Jaagarahu Stage   Toom, U.+
143987GIT143987 78Kunda quarry borehole 90.5090.55Vendian   Voronka Formation Pirrus, E+
143986GIT143986 74Kunda quarry borehole 88.6388.64Vendian   Voronka Formation Pirrus, E+
143985GIT143985 73Kunda quarry borehole 85.8788.12Vendian   Voronka Formation Pirrus, E+
143984GIT143984 72Kunda quarry borehole 81.1883.73Vendian   Voronka Formation Pirrus, E+
143983GIT143983 70Kunda quarry borehole 76.8679.29Vendian   Voronka Formation Pirrus, E+
143982GIT143982 62Kunda quarry borehole 73.4373.91Lontova Stage   Lontova Formation Sämi kihistikPirrus, E+
143981GIT143981 13Kunda quarry 4.865.26Lontova Stage   Kestla Member Pirrus, E+
143980GIT143980 10Kunda quarry 1.502.77Lontova Stage   Kestla Member Pirrus, E+
143979GIT143979 9Kunda quarry 1.502.77Lontova Stage   Kestla Member Pirrus, E+
143978GIT143978 Mezmali 16 borehole 903.60Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143977GIT143977 Mezmali 16 borehole 915.40Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143976GIT143976 Mezmali 16 borehole 915.40Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143975GIT143975 Mezmali 16 borehole 910.90Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143974GIT143974 Mezmali 16 borehole 904.60Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143973GIT143973 Mezmali 16 borehole 906.50Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143972GIT143972 Mezmali 16 borehole 921.50Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143971GIT143971 Mezmali 16 borehole 909.35Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143970GIT143970 Hilliste K156 borehole 29.20Pirgu Stage   Adila Formation Hints, Linda
143969GIT143969 7 OHPääsküla subsurface tunnels Keila Stage   Hints, O.
143968GIT143968 Riekstini 15 borehole 863.50Pirgu Stage   Jonstorp Formation Hints, Linda
143967GIT143967 Aispute 41 borehole 996.15Porkuni Stage   Kuldiga Formation Hints, Linda
143966GIT143966 Stirnas 18 borehole 897.50   Hints, Linda
143965GIT143965 Mezmali 16 borehole 908.50Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143964GIT143964 Mezmali 16 borehole 901.70Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143963GIT143963 Mezmali 16 borehole 914.35Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143962GIT143962 Mezmali 16 borehole 914.55Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143961GIT143961 Mezmali 16 borehole 909.60Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143960GIT143960 Mezmali 16 borehole 910.40Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143959GIT143959 Mezmali 16 borehole 903.50Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143958GIT143958 Mezmali 16 borehole 910.60Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
143957GIT143957 Mezmali 16 borehole 911.60Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda