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    Various rock, sediment and soil samples have been collected from drill cores, outcrops and soil sampling points. Such samples may have been analysed for physical and chemical properties, or fossil content, and the corresponding data may have been digitized or are available in old paper archives. The physical samples themselves may or may not have been stored and available for further analysis and research.

    To search samples, specify the criteria of interest. The owner institution of individual samples should be contacted for getting access to the material. Note that some preserved samples may be available only under special conditions and under collaborative research.

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IDInst.Number Locality Depth (m)Stratigraphy   Lithostratigraphy coll.anal.Weight (g)
141753GITV-726 Vasalemma 726 borehole 4.905.00Keila Stage   Põlma+
141752GIT141752 LH33 Vasalemma 715 borehole 3.203.30Keila Stage   Vasalemma Formation Põlma+
141751GIT15 LH-8 Vasalemma 714 borehole 12.50Keila Stage   Vasalemma kihistu?Põlma+
141750GIT141750 LH-8 Vasalemma 714 borehole 11.4011.50Keila Stage   Vasalemma kihistu?Põlma+
141749GITV-36 Vasalemma 36 borehole 3.75Keila Stage   Põlma+
141748GITV-36 Vasalemma 36 borehole 1.80Keila Stage   Põlma+
141747GIT141747 Vasalemma old borehole 17.07Keila Stage   Pääsküla Member Põlma+
141746GIT141746 Vasalemma old borehole 15.10Keila Stage   Pääsküla Member Põlma+
141745GIT141745 Munalaskme 1 borehole 16.40Keila Stage   Pääsküla Member Põlma+
141744GIT141744 Munalaskme 1 borehole 8.50Keila Stage   Lehtmetsa Member Põlma+
141743GIT141743 Munalaskme 1 borehole 7.70Keila Stage   Lehtmetsa Member Põlma+
141742GIT141742 Munalaskme 1 borehole 6.25Keila Stage   Lehtmetsa Member Põlma+
141741GIT141741 Munalaskme 1 borehole 4.004.70Keila Stage   Lehtmetsa Member Põlma+
141740GIT141740 Munalaskme 1 borehole 2.903.90Rakvere Stage   Põlma+
141739GIT141739 Orjaku borehole 132.97Keila Stage   Põlma+
141738GIT141738 Paluküla 2 borehole 47.00Oandu Stage   Põlma+
141737GIT141737 Paluküla 2 borehole 46.00Oandu Stage   Põlma+
141736GIT141736 Tudu I borehole (1924) 52.55Oandu Stage   Põlma+
141735GIT141735 Tudu I borehole (1924) 51.90Oandu Stage   Põlma+
141734GIT141734 Tudu I borehole (1924) 51.12Oandu Stage   Põlma+
141733GIT141733 Kaugatuma 509 borehole 373.20Pirgu Stage   Hints, Linda0
141732GIT49150 Kaugatuma 509 borehole 343.55Pirgu Stage  
141731GITM-5773 Kaugatuma 509 borehole 372.15Pirgu Stage   0
141730GIT141730 Kaugatuma 509 borehole 372.00Pirgu Stage   Hints, Linda0
141729GIT141729 Tõrma quarry savikas materjal kogu astangultNabala Stage   Saunja Formation Sarv
141728GIT141728 Põhjaka 188 borehole 101.30Vormsi Stage   Hints, Linda
141727GIT141727 Äiamaa borehole 77.95Porkuni Stage   Nõlvak
141726GIT141726 Atashiene 9 borehole 786.90Uhaku Stage   Sarv
141725GIT19317 Atashiene 9 borehole 805.50Aseri Stage   Põlma500
141724GIT141724 Kokolok borehole 6.706.80Oandu Stage   Põlma+
141723GIT141723 Atashiene 9 borehole 803.70Aseri Stage   Sarv
141722GIT141722 Atashiene 9 borehole 798.50Lasnamägi Stage   Sarv
141721GIT141721 Atashiene 9 borehole 796.30Lasnamägi Stage   Sarv
141720GIT141720 Atashiene 9 borehole 793.00Uhaku Stage   Sarv
141719GIT141719 Atashiene 9 borehole 791.00Lasnamägi Stage   Sarv
141718GIT141718 Atashiene 9 borehole 789.80Uhaku Stage   Sarv
141717GIT141717 Atashiene 9 borehole 785.50Uhaku Stage   Sarv
141716GIT141716 Atashiene 9 borehole 784.30Uhaku Stage   Sarv
141715GIT141715 Atashiene 9 borehole 780.10Kukruse Stage   Sarv
141714GIT141714 Atashiene 9 borehole 779.40Kukruse Stage   Sarv
141713GIT141713 Atashiene 9 borehole 775.90Kukruse Stage   Sarv
141712GIT141712 Atashiene 9 borehole 773.20Idavere Substage   Sarv
141711GIT141711 Atashiene 9 borehole 772.20Idavere Substage   Sarv
141710GIT141710 Atashiene 9 borehole 770.60Idavere Substage   Sarv
141709GIT141709 Atashiene 9 borehole 768.90Idavere Substage   Sarv
141708GIT141708 Atashiene 9 borehole 767.80Idavere Substage   Sarv
141707GIT94736 Atashiene 9 borehole 769.80Idavere Substage   Sarv
141706GIT141706 Atashiene 9 borehole 766.60Idavere Substage   Sarv
141705GIT141705 Atashiene 9 borehole 766.20Idavere Substage   Sarv
141704GIT141704 Atashiene 9 borehole 764.70Idavere Substage   Sarv