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    Various rock, sediment and soil samples have been collected from drill cores, outcrops and soil sampling points. Such samples may have been analysed for physical and chemical properties, or fossil content, and the corresponding data may have been digitized or are available in old paper archives. The physical samples themselves may or may not have been stored and available for further analysis and research.

    To search samples, specify the criteria of interest. The owner institution of individual samples should be contacted for getting access to the material. Note that some preserved samples may be available only under special conditions and under collaborative research.

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IDInst.Number Locality Depth (m)Stratigraphy   Lithostratigraphy coll.anal.Weight (g)
141891GIT141891 Paekna-Põldmäe keskmine 0.05 mNabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141890GIT141890 5053Kioma 291 borehole 343.00Ordovician  
141889GIT141889 Värska 1 borehole 365.00  
141888GIT141888 152-1680Oru c. 1km E, maantee ääres murdNabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141887GIT141887 152-1680Paekna quarry Nabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141886GIT141886 152-1680Paekna quarry Nabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141885GIT141885 152-1680Paekna-Põldmäe keskmisest osast 0.42Nabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141884GIT141884 152-1680Paekna-Põldmäe 1.90 alumine osaNabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141883GIT141883 152-1680Paekna-Põldmäe ülemised 1.90+Nabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141882GIT141882 152-1680Paekna-Põldmäe keskmine 0.42Nabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141881GIT141881 152-1680Nõmmeküla quarry, Harju county alumine taseNabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141880GIT141880 Nõmmeküla quarry, Harju county ülemine taseNabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141879GIT141879 Nõmmeküla quarry, Harju county ülemine taseNabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141878GIT141878 Nõmmeküla quarry, Harju county alumine taseNabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141877GIT141877 Nõmmeküla quarry, Harju county alumine taseNabala Stage   Männil, Ralf
141876GIT141876 Paekna-Põldmäe alumine tase365.00Nabala Stage   Männil, Ralf300
141875GIT141875 470Taagepera borehole 283.00Raikküla Stage   Raikküla Formation S1rkJürgenson+
141874GIT141874 Pärnu (Livonia) borehole 122.16122.28Adavere Stage   Jürgenson
141873GIT141873 M.Lapes 106 borehole 497.90498.02Wenlock   Rootsiküla ? Paadla ladeJürgenson
141872GIT141872 M.Lapes 106 borehole 476.43476.48Wenlock   Rootsiküla ladeJürgenson
141871GIT141871 Kaugatuma 509 borehole 365.00Pirgu Stage   Nõlvak300
141870GIT141870 Järva-Jaani 69T borehole 162.07Kukruse Stage   PeetriMännil, Ralf0
141869GIT141869 Laeva 13 borehole 261.85Kukruse Stage   Männil, Ralf
141868GIT141868 Laeva 13 borehole 265.40Kukruse Stage   Männil, Ralf
141867GIT141864 Laeva 6 borehole 168.50Keila Stage   Männil, Ralf
141866GIT141865 Laeva 13 borehole etiketl ainult 13, Võimalik et Laeva 13239.07Ordovician   Männil, Ralf
141865GIT98081 13-10Laeva 13 borehole 243.73243.79Jõhvi Substage   Männil, Ralf
141864GIT141864 Laeva 6 borehole 140.30Keila Stage   Männil, Ralf
141863GIT141863 Kingissepa GI borehole 94.6794.73Jaagarahu Stage   Jürgenson+
141862GIT141862 Ohesaare borehole 291.96291.10Jaani Stage   Jürgenson0
141861GIT141861 Mezmali 16 borehole 910.20Porkuni Stage   Hints, Linda
141860GIT141860 Piltene 1 puurauk selgitada kas puuraugu nr. õige924.80   Jürgenson
141859GIT141859 Iganõmme (Laukna) Pakamägi 2.452.48Raikküla Stage   Jürgenson+
141858GIT141858 Iganõmme (Laukna) Pakamägi 1.701.72Raikküla Stage   Jürgenson+
141857GIT141857 Kaarmise borehole 34.90Rootsiküla Stage   Jürgenson+5
141856GIT141856 Kaarmise borehole 16.00Rootsiküla Stage   Jürgenson+
141855GIT141855 Nurme puurauk 24.1724.25Adavere Stage   VeliseJürgenson+
141854GIT141854 Rohnehamn, Gotland Ludlow   Burgewiki beds+
141853GIT141853 Ohesaare borehole 466.30Keila Stage   Jürgenson+
141852GIT141852 Ohesaare borehole 375.06375.10Raikküla Stage   Jürgenson+
141851GIT141851 Ohesaare borehole 187.07187.15Jaagarahu Stage   Jürgenson+
141850GIT141850 Mäealuse 454 borehole 89.35Pirgu Stage   Kabala Formation FIc Põlma+
141849GIT141849 Mäealuse 454 borehole 88.2488.27Porkuni Stage   Põlma+
141848GIT141848 Mäealuse 454 borehole 87.1187.45Porkuni Stage   Põlma+
141847GIT141847 Mäealuse 454 borehole 86.3786.39Porkuni Stage   Põlma+
141846GIT141846 Mäealuse 454 borehole 86.2586.30Porkuni Stage   Põlma+
141845GIT141845 Mäealuse 454 borehole 85.9285.95Porkuni Stage   Põlma+
141844GIT141844 LH 2 Aluvere quarry 0.9 m all C3/D1 piiri bentoniidist   Hints, Linda
141843GIT141843 Vasalemma Partek Nordkalk quarry Oandu Stage   Vasalemma Formation Hints, Linda
141842GIT141842 Mäealuse 454 borehole 85.6085.63Porkuni Stage   Põlma+