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    Various rock, sediment and soil samples have been collected from drill cores, outcrops and soil sampling points. Such samples may have been analysed for physical and chemical properties, or fossil content, and the corresponding data may have been digitized or are available in old paper archives. The physical samples themselves may or may not have been stored and available for further analysis and research.

    To search samples, specify the criteria of interest. The owner institution of individual samples should be contacted for getting access to the material. Note that some preserved samples may be available only under special conditions and under collaborative research.

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IDInst.Number Locality Depth (m)Stratigraphy   Lithostratigraphy coll.anal.Weight (g)
142558GIT141892 Turov 106 borehole, Belarus Upper Devonian  
142557GIT141891 4cTurov 106 borehole, Belarus Upper Devonian  
142556GIT141890 Turov 106 borehole, Belarus Upper Devonian  
142555GIT142555 Turov 106 borehole, Belarus Upper Devonian   Mark-Kurik
142554GIT142554 Kipi borehole 111.02111.08Jaani Stage   Aaloe, Ago+
142552GITSY107717 107717 Ohesaare borehole 450.66Ordovician   Young, Seth
142551GITSY107716 107716 Ohesaare borehole 449.90Ordovician   Young, Seth
142550GITSY107715 107715 Ohesaare borehole 448.80Ordovician   Young, Seth
142549GITSY107714 107714 Ohesaare borehole 447.85Ordovician   Young, Seth
142548GITSY107713 107713 Ohesaare borehole 447.07Ordovician   Young, Seth
142547GITSY107712 107712 Ohesaare borehole 446.07Ordovician   Young, Seth
142546GITSY107711 107711 Ohesaare borehole 445.17Silurian   Young, Seth
142545GITSY107710 107710 Ohesaare borehole 444.22Silurian   Young, Seth
142544GITSY107709 107709 Ohesaare borehole 443.37Silurian   Young, Seth
142543GITSY107708 107708 Ohesaare borehole 442.37Silurian   Young, Seth
142542GITSY107707 107707 Ohesaare borehole 441.47Silurian   Young, Seth
142541GITSY107706 107706 Ohesaare borehole 440.17Silurian   Young, Seth
142540GITSY107705 107705 Ohesaare borehole 439.27Silurian   Young, Seth
142539GITSY107704 107704 Ohesaare borehole 438.75Silurian   Young, Seth
142538GITSY107703 107703 Ohesaare borehole 437.45Silurian   Young, Seth
142537GITSY107702 107702 Ohesaare borehole 436.45Silurian   Young, Seth
142536GITSY107701 107701 Ohesaare borehole 435.40Silurian   Young, Seth
142535GITSY107700 107700 Ohesaare borehole 434.53Silurian   Young, Seth
142534GITSY107699 107699 Ohesaare borehole 433.69Silurian   Young, Seth
142533GITSY107698 107698 Ohesaare borehole 432.89Silurian   Young, Seth
142532GITSY107697 107697 Ohesaare borehole 431.89Silurian   Young, Seth
142531GITSY107696 107696 Ohesaare borehole 430.89Silurian   Young, Seth
142530GITSY107695 107695 Ohesaare borehole 429.49Silurian   Young, Seth
142529GITSY107694 107694 Ohesaare borehole 428.50Silurian   Young, Seth
142528GITSY107693 107693 Ohesaare borehole 427.50Silurian   Young, Seth
142527GITSY107692 107692 Ohesaare borehole 426.70Silurian   Young, Seth
142526GITSY107691 107691 Ohesaare borehole 425.70Silurian   Young, Seth
142525GITSY107690 107690 Ohesaare borehole 424.80Silurian   Young, Seth
142524GITSY107689 107689 Ohesaare borehole 423.85Silurian   Young, Seth
142523GITSY107688 107688 Ohesaare borehole 422.80Silurian   Young, Seth
142522GITSY107687 107687 Ohesaare borehole 421.90Silurian   Young, Seth
142521GITSY107686 107686 Ohesaare borehole 420.70Silurian   Young, Seth
142520GITSY107685 107685 Ohesaare borehole 419.85Silurian   Young, Seth
142519GITSY107684 107684 Ohesaare borehole 418.75Silurian   Young, Seth
142518GITSY107683 107683 Ohesaare borehole 418.00Silurian   Young, Seth
142517GITSY107682 107682 Ohesaare borehole 417.10Silurian   Young, Seth
142516GITSY107681 107681 Ohesaare borehole 416.40Silurian   Young, Seth
142515GITSY107680 107680 Ohesaare borehole 415.39Silurian   Young, Seth
142514GITSY107679 107679 Ohesaare borehole 414.33Silurian   Young, Seth
142513GITSY107678 107678 Ohesaare borehole 413.38Silurian   Young, Seth
142512GITSY107677 107677 Ohesaare borehole 412.52Silurian   Young, Seth
142511GITSY107676 107676 Ohesaare borehole 411.05Silurian   Young, Seth
142510GITSY107675 107675 Ohesaare borehole 410.05Silurian   Young, Seth
142509GITSY107674 107674 Ohesaare borehole 409.40Silurian   Young, Seth
142508GITSY107673 107673 Ohesaare borehole 408.40Silurian   Young, Seth