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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
7940Geyer & Uchman, 1995 Geyer, G. & Uchman, A.1995Ichnofossil assemblages from the Nama Group (Neoproterozoic–Lower Cambrian) in Namibia and the Proterozoic-Cambrian boundary problem revisitedin Geyer, G., and Landing, E., eds., Morocco ’95. The Lower-Middle Cambrian standard of west- ern Gondwana Beringeria 175–202
7939Eisenack, 1982 Eisenack, A.1982Some problematic microfossils Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie Monatshefte629–636
7938Eisenack, 1941 Eisenack, A.1941Epigraptus bidens n. g. n. sp., eine neue Graptolithenart des baltischen Ordoviziums Zeitschrift für Geschiebeforschung und Flachlandsgeologie24-28
7937Luchinina et al., 1978 Luchinina V. A., Kiryanov, V. V. & Gnilovskaya, M. B.1978 Dokladõ Akademii nauk SSSR1184-1187
7936Ekdale et al., 2013 Ekdale, A. A., Bromley, R. G. & Knaust, D.2012The Ichnofabric ConceptTrace Fossils as Indicators of Sedimentary Environments. Knaust, D. & Bromley, R. G. (Eds.) Developments in Sedimentology139-156
7935Romano & Whyte, 1987 Romano, M. & Whyte, M. A.1987A limulid trace fossil from the Scarbor-ough Formation (Jurassic) of Yorkshire: its occurrence, taxonomy andinterpretation Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society85-95
7934Romano & Whyte, 1990 Romano, M. & Whyte, M. A.1990Selenichnites, a new name for the ichno-genus Selenichnus Romano & Whyte, 1987 Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society221
7933Gibb et al., 2011 Gibb, S., Chatterton, B. D. E. & Pemberton, S. G.2011Prod traces (Selenich-nites) from the Middle Cambrian of Morocco, with hypotheses on theethology of the tracemaker(s) Ichnos56–165
7932Oukassou et al., 2016 Oukassou, M., Charrière, A., Lagnaoui, A., Gibb, S., Michard, A. & Saddiqi, O.2016First occurrence of the Ichnogenus Selenichnites from the Middle Jurassic Strata of the Skoura Syncline (Middle Atlas, Morocco); Palaeoecological and palaeoenvironmental context Comptes Rendus Palevol461–471
7931Wisshak & Porter, 2006 Wisshak, M. & Porter, D. 2006The new ichnogenus Flagrichnus—a palaeoenvironmental indicator for cold-water settings? Ichnos135-145
7930Wisshak, 2006 Wisshak, M.2006High-Latitude Bioerosion (the Kosterfjord Experiment) 1-202
7929Tribollet, 2008 Tribollet, A.2008The boring microflora in modern coral reef ecosystems: a review of its rolesCurrent Developments in Bioerosion, M. Wisshak, L. Tapanila (eds.) +
7928Golubic et al., 2016 Golubic, S., Campbell, S. E., Lee, S.-J. & Radtke, G.2016Depth distribution and convergent evolution of microboring organisms Paläontologische Zeitschrift315–326
7927Golubic et al., 2005 Golubic, S., Radtke, G. & Le Campion-Alsumard, T.2005Endolithic fungi in marine ecosystems
7926Pickerill, 1977 Pickerill, R. K.1977Trace fossils from the Upper Ordovician (Caradoc) of the Berwyn Hills, Central Wales Geological Journal1-16+
7925Pickerill, 1989b Pickerill, R. K.1989Compaginatichnus: anew ichnogenus from Ordovician flysch of eastern Canada Journal of Paleontology13-919+
7924Lorenz von Liburnau, 1901 Lorenz von Liburnau, J. R.1901Zur Deutung der fossilen Fucoiden-Gattungen Taenidium und Gyrophyllites Sitzungsberichte der kaiserlich-königlichen Akademie der Wissemschaften, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Klasse523-583
7923Glocker, 1841 Glocker, E. F.,1841Über die kalkfuhrende Sandsteinformation auf beiden Seiten der mittleren Marc, in der Gegend zwischen Kwassnitz und Kremsier Nova Acta Academiae Caesarea Leopoldino-Carolinae, Germanicae Naturae Curiosorium309-334
7922Leszczyński, 2003 Leszczyński, S.2003Bioturbation structures in the Holovnia Siliceous Marls (Turonian-lower Santonian) in Rybotycze (Polish Carpathians) Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae103-122
7921White, 1929 White, C. D.1929Flora of the Hermit Shale Grand Canyon, Arizona Carnegie Inst. Wash. Publ.1-221