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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
6376Hints, O. et al. (in prep) Hints, O., Tonarova, P., Eriksson, M.E., Rubinstein, C.V., de la Puente, G.S.2017Early Middle Ordovician scolecodonts from northwestern Argentina and the emergence of labidognath polychaete jaw apparatuses Palaeontology
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6374Suuroja, 2007 Suuroja, K.2007Kiviaabits. Eesti mineraalid 1-192
6373Suuroja, 2004 Suuroja, K.2004Kiviaabits. Eesti kivimid 1-120
6372Fortey & Seilacher, 2007 Fortey, R. A. & Seilacher, A.2007The trace fossil Cruziana serniplicata and the trilobite that made it Lethaia105-112+
6371Gibb et al., 2020 Gibb, S., Chatterton, B. D. E. & Gingras, M. K.2010Rusophycus carleyi (James, 1885), Trace Fossils from the Lower Ordovician of Southern Morocco, and the Trilobites that Made Them Ichnos271-283+
6370Skjeseth, 1952 Skjeseth, S.1952On the Lower Didymograptus zone (3b) at Ringsaker, and contemporaneous deposits in Scandinavia Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift138-182
6369Fortey & Bruton, 2013 Fortey, R. A. & Bruton, D. L-2013Lower Ordovician trilobites of the Kirtonryggen Formation, Spitsbergen Fossils and Strata1-116+
6368Balashova, 1976 Balashova, E. A.1976Systematics of asaphinae trilobites and their representatives in th eUSSR 1-215
6367Bohlin, 1960 Bohlin, B.1960Trilobites of the Genus Megistaspis from the Vaginatum Limestone of SCandinavia Bulletin of Geol. Institutions of the Univ. of Uppsala156-205
6366Hansen, 2005 Hansen, T.2008A new trilobite species of Hemisphaerocoryphe from the Arenig of the St. Petersburg area, Russia Norwegian Journal of Geology203-208
6365Põlma, päevik 37 Põlma, L.Välipäevik Nr. 37 +
6364Budil et al., 2008 Budil, P., Thomas A. R. & Hörbinger, F.2008Exoskeletal architecture, hypostomal morphology and mode of life of Silurian and Lower Devonian dalmanitid trilobites Bulletin of Geosciences+
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6362Esteve, 2015 Esteve, J.2015Systematic revision of the genus Solenopleura Angelin, 1854, Ptychopariida, Trilobita, Cambrian Series 3 Ann. Paleontol. (Invert)185-192+
6361Owens, 1973 Owens, R. M.1973Ordovician Proetidae (Trilobita) from Scandinavia Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift117-181
6360Hoel & Høyberget, 2002 Hoel & Høyberget2002The Lower Ordovician trilobite Megistaspis (Rhinoferus) hyorrhina (Leuchtenberg, 1843) in Norway, with notes on its autecology Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift45-51
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6357Jaanusson, 1953a Jaanusson, V.1953Untersuchungen über baltoskandische Asaphiden I. Revision der mittordovizischen Asaphiden des Siljan-Gebietes in Dalarna. Arkiv för Mineralogi och Geologi377-464