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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
6444Brazauskas & Valiukevičius, 2002 Brazauskas, A. & Valiukevičius, J.2002Core workshop guideThe Fifth Baltic Stratigraphical Conference, sept 22-27, 2002, Vilnius, Lithuania
6443Abushik, 1968 Abushik, A. F.1968On the correlation of the Silurian deposits of Podolia, Soviet Baltic region and Gotland (data of the ostracod investigation)Stratigraphy of the Baltic Lower Paleozoic and its correlation with other areas 304-316
6442Tomczyk, 1968 Tomczyk, H.1968Sediments of the platform Silurian in Poland and their correlation with the Holy Cross MtsStratigraphy of the Baltic Lower Paleozoic and its correlation with other areas 286-303
6441Korkutis, 1968 Korkutis, V. A.1968The stratigraphy of the Cambrian deposits of the Southern BalticStratigraphy of the Baltic Lower Paleozoic and its correlation with other areas 53-68
6440Sakalauskas, 1968b Sakalauskas, V. F.1968The Vendian of LithuaniaStratigraphy of the Baltic Lower Paleozoic and its correlation with other areas 9-21
6439Glinskiy & Nilov, 2017 Glinskiy, V. N. & Nilov, S. P.2017A new psammosted (Agnatha, Heterostraci) from the Amata Regional Stage of the Main Devonian Field and morpho-histological types of discrete micromeric elements in the family Psammosteidae Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences59-76+
6438Tiirmaa, 1998 Tiirmaa, R.1998Kõik kivid pole kukkunud taevast. Kuidas leida meteoriite? Loodus26-28
6437Puura, V. & Suuroja, K., 1992b Puura, V. & Suuroja, K.1992Ordovician impact crater at Kärdla, Hiiumaa Island, Estonia Tectonophysics143-156
6436Puura, V. & Suuroja, K., 1992a Puura, V. & Suuroja, K.1992Middle Ordovician astrobleme at Kärdla, Hiiumaa Island, West Estonian Archipelago Meteoritics & Planetary Science279
6435Kiipli, E. et al., 2017 Kiipli, E., Kiipli, T., Kallaste, T. & Pajusaar, S.2017Trace elements indicating humid climatic events in the Ordovician–early Silurian Chemie der Erde - Geochemistry
6434Henkel et al., 1996 Henkel, H., Tiirmaa, R., Fleetwood, A. & Blomquist, G.1996Tor-en meteoritnedslagskrater i Härjedalen, bildad efter istiden Trita-Geofoto1-59
6433Vala & Korkutis, 1963 Vala, A. I. & Korkutis, V. A.1963Some data on oil-bearing structures in Virbalis and Kybartai 613-624
6432Vasiliauskas & Žeiba, 1962 Vasiliauskas, V. & Žeiba, S.1962 Trudy Akademii Nauk Litovskoi SSR161-169
6431Paškevičius, 1960 Paškevičius, J.1960The Ordovician of Lithuania Collectanea Acta Geologica Lithuanica53-64
6430Berger, 1957 Berger, W.1957Eine spiralförmige Lebensspur aus dem Rupel der bayrischen Beckenmolasse Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Geologie und Paläontologie. Monatshefte: Abt. B. Geologie, Paläontologie538-540
6429Knaust, 2017 Knaust, D.2017Atlas of Trace Fossils in Well Core. Appearance, Taxonomy and Interpretation 1-219+
6428El-Hedeny et al., 2012 El-Hedeny, M., Heiwaiday, A. & Al-Kahtany, Kh. 2012Shallow-marine trace fossils from the Callovian-Oxfordian Tuwaiq Mountain limestone and Hanifa Formations, central Saudi Arabia Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences722-733
6427Howard & Frey, 1984 Howard, J. D. & Frey, R. W.1984Characteristic trace fossils in nearshore to offshore sequences, Upper Cretaceous of east-central Utah Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences200-219+
6426Frey & Bromley, 1985 Frey, R. W. & Bromley, R. G.1985Ichnology of American chalks: the Selma Group (Upper Cretaceous), western Alabama Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
6425Kumari, 1979 Kumari, A.1979Kümme suuremat rändrahnu Eesti Loodus462-465