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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
6595Bromley, 1975b Bromley, R. G.1975Comparative analysis of fossil and recent echinoid bioerosion Palaeontology725-739
6594Chen et al., 2012 Chen, Z.-Q., Fraiser, M. & Bolton, C.2012Early Triassic trace fossils from Gondwana Interior Sea: Implication for ecosystem recovery following the end-Permian mass extinction in south high-latitude region Gondwana Research238-255+
6593Ernst & Carrera, 2012 Ernst, A. & Carrera2012Upper Ordovician (Sandbian) bryozoan fauna from Argentine Precordillera Journal of Paleontology721-751+
6592Lee et al., 2018 Lee, J.-H., Choh, S.-J. & Lee D.-J.2018Late Cambrian missing link in macroborer evolution preserved in intraclasts Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology137-146+
6591Sheffield, 2017 Sheffield, S. L.2017The Homology and Phylogeny of the Diploporita (Blastozoa: Echinodermata +
6590Buttler et al., 2007 Buttler, C. J., Cherns, L. & Massa, D.2007Bryozoan mudmounds from the Upper Ordovician Jifarah (Djeffara) Formation of Tripolitania, North-West Libya Palaeontology479-494+
6589Seilacher, 2000 Seilascher, A.2000Ordovician and Silurian Arthrophycid IchnostratigraphyGeological Exploration in Murzuq Basin. Sola, M. A. S. and Worsley, D. (eds.) 237-258+
6588Lam et al., 2017 Lam, A. R., Stigall, A. L. & Matzke, N. J.2017Dispersal in the Ordovician: Speciation patterns and paleobiogeographic analyses of brachiopods and trilobites Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology147-165+
6587Edou-Minko et al., 2016 Edou-Minko A, Moussavou M, Sato T, Tchikoundzi C, Sawaki Y, Ndong Ondo S, Ortega R, Maire R, Kaestner A6, Mbina Mounguengui M, Roudeau S, Fleury G, Carmona A, de Parseval PH, Makaya Mvoubou, Musavu Moussavou B, Ogandaga Agondjo M , Sasaki O and Maruyama S2016An Akouemma hemisphaeria Organic Macrofossils Colony Hosting Biodiversity Assemblage on the Seafloor of Okondja Basin (Gabon) dated at 2.2 Ga Journal of Geology & Geophysics1-51+
6586Kędzierski et al., 2015 Kędzierski, M., Uchman, A., Sawlowicz, Z. & Briguglio, A.2015Fossilized bioelectric wire – the trace fossil Trichichnus Biogeosciences2301–2309. +
6585Schlirf & Uchman, 2005 Schlirf , M. & Uchman, A.2005Revision of the ichnogenus Sabellarifex Richter, 1921 and its relationship to Skolithos Haldeman, 1840 and Polykladichnus Fürsich, 1981 Journal of Systematic Palaeontology115-131+
6584Wu, 1985 Wu, X.1985Trace fossils and their significance in non-marine turbidite deposits of Mesozoic coal and oil bearing sequences from Yima-Jiyuan basin, western Henan, China Acta Sedimentologica Sinica23-31
6583Crimes, 1970 Crimes, T. P.1970Trilobite tracks and other trace fossils from the Upper Cambrian of North Wales Geological Journal47-48
6582Alpert, 1976 Alpert, S.1976Trilobite and star-like trace fossils from the White-Inyo Mountains, California Journal of Paleontology226-239
6581Buatois et al., 1996 Buatois, L. A., Mângano, M. G., Wu, X. and Zhang, G.1996Trace fossils from Jurassic lacustrine turbidites of the Anyao Formation (central China) and their environmental and evolutionary significance Ichnos287-303
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6576Kraft et. al. 1999 Kraft, J., Kraft, P. & Fatka, O. (eds)1999Excursion guide Barrandian 27th June - 1st July 1999 1-60