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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
8233El Shamma et al., 2018 El Shamma, A.G.A., Mostafa, T.F., Makled, W.A.2018Discovery of Devonian scolecodonts from the subsurface Western Desert, Egypt Palynology+
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8229Lopes, 2012 Lopes, R. P.2012Bioerosion and Bioincrustation in Body Fossils from the Coastal Plain of Rio Grande do SulState, Southern BrazilIchnology of Latin America. netto, R. G., Carmona, N. B. & Tognoli, F. M. W. 179-194
8228Cabrere et al., 2008 2008Cenozoic trace fossils of the Cruziana, Zoophycos and Nereites ichnofacies from the Fuegian Andes, Argentina Ameghiniana377-392
8227Callow et al., 2013 Callow, R. H. T., MvIlroy, D., Kneller, B. & Dykstra, M.2013Ichnology of Late Cretaceous Turbidites from the Rosario Formation, Baja California, Mexico Ichnos+
8226Ludvigsen, 1977 Ludvigsen, R.1977Rapid repair of traumatic injury by an Ordovician trilobite Lethaia205-208+
8225Cuadrado & Pizani, 2007 Cuadrado, D. G. & Pizani, N. V.2007Identification of microbially induced sedimentary structures over a tidal flat Cour. Forsch.- Inst. Senckenberg
8224Woodward, 1830 Woodward, S.1830A Synoptic Table of British Organic Remains: In which all the edited British fossils are systematically and stratigraphically arranged, in accordance with the views of the Geologists of the present day
8223Chamberlain & Clark 1989 Chamberlain, C. K. & Clark, D. L.1989Comment and Reply on "Characteristic trace-fossil associations in oxygen-poor sedimentary environments" Geology576-577+
8222Kelley, 2008 Kelley, P. H.2008Role of bioerosion in taphonomy: effect of predatory drillholes on preservation of mollusc shellsCurrent Developments in Bioerosion. Wisshak, M. & Tapanila, L. (Eds.) 451-470+
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8219McLoughlin et al., 2008 McLoughlin, N., Furnes, H., Banerjee, N. R., Staudigel, H., Muehlenbachs, K., de Wit, M. & Van Kranendonk, M. J.2008Micro-bioerosion in volcanic glass: extending the ichnofossil record to Archaean basaltic crustCurrent Developments in Bioerosion. Wisshak, M. & Tapanila, L. (Eds.) 371-396+
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8216Wisshak, 2008 Wisshak, M.2008Two new dwarf Entobia ichnospecies in a diverse aphotic ichnocoenosis (Pleistocene / Rhodes, Greece)Current developments in bioerosion. Wisshak, M. & Tapanila, L. (Eds.) 213-233+
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8214Pawłowska et al., 2008 Pawłowska, A. M., Paliñska, K. A. & Piekarek-Jankowska, H.2008Colonisation and bioerosion of marine bivalve shells from the Baltic Sea by euendolithic cyanobacteria: an experimental studyCurrent Developments in Bioerosion. Wisshak M. & Tapanila L. (Eds.) 109-122+