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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
6562Vinn et al., 2017b Vinn, O., Toom, U. & Isakar, M.2017The earliest cornulitid on the internal surface of the illaenid pygidium from the Middle Ordovician of Estonia Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences193-1972+
6561Palmre, 1967 Palmre, H.1967Plii- ja tinamaagi ilmungi tekstuurilised iseärasused Eesti NSV-s Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR. Chemistry and Geology229-237
6560Tsegelnjuk, 1980 Tsegelnjuk, P. D.1980Ordovician stratigraphy of the southwestern margin of the East European Platform 84-95
6559Žemchužnikov, 1987 Žemchužnikov, V. G.1987Эвстатические события на границе кембрия и ордовика в Казахстане 78-82
6558Otsmaa, 2017 Otsmaa, M.2017Eesti järvemuda isesugustes järvenõgudes Eesti Loodus18-24
6557Palo, 2017 Palo, K.2017Allikukivi koopad Pärnumaal Eesti Loodus38-39
6556Tiirmaa, 1983 Tiirmaa, R.1983Catalogue of meteorites of the collection of Institute Geology Acad Sci Estonian SSR (1981, oct 1.) Meteoritika170-183
6555Mutvei, 2011 Mutvei, H.2011Silurian oncocerid Octamerella (cephalopoda) from Gotland, Sweden GFF125-133+
6554Kröger, 2006 Kröger, B.2006Early growth-stages and classification of orthoceridan Cephalopods of the Darrwillian (Middle Ordovician) of Baltoscandia Lethaia129-139+
6553Mutvei, 2015 Mutvei, H.2015Characterization of two superorders Nautilosiphonata and Calciosiphonata and a new order Cyrtocerinida of the subclass Nautiloidea; siphuncular structure in the Ordovician nautiloid Bathmoceras (Cephalopoda) GFF164-174+
6552Gaškov, 2016 Gaškov, Mart2016Tsonaalne sfaleriit Kärdla sulfiidse mineralisatsiooni ilmingutes 1-40
6551Jõeleht et al., 2005 Jõeleht, A., Kirsimäe, K., Plado, J., Versh, E. & Ivanov, B.2005Cooling of the Kärdla impact crater: II. Impact and geothermal modeling Meteoritics & Planetary Science21-33
6550Bengtson & Zhao, 1992 Bengtson, S. & Zhao, Y.1992Predatorial Borings in Late Precambrian Mineralized Exoskeletons Science367-369+
6549Grahn, 1983 Grahn, Y.1983Early Caradoc Chitinozoa from Östergötland, south central Sweden GFF269-272
6548Bundschuh & Balog, 2000 Bundschuh, M. & Balog, S.-J.2000 Ichnos149-152
6547Kobluk et al., 1978 Kobluk, D. R., James, N. P. & Pemberton, S. G.1978Initial diversification of macroboring ichnofossils and exploitation of the macroboring niche in the lower Paleozoic Paleobiology163-170
6546Benner, et al., 2004 Benner, J. S., Ekdale, A. A. & De Gibert J. M.2004Macroborings (Gastrochaenolites) in Lower Ordovician Hardgrounds of Utah: Sedimentologic, Paleoecologic, and Evolutionary Implication Palaios543–550+
6545Tapanila, 2006 Tapanila, L.2006Devonian Entobia Borings from Nevada, with a Revision of Topsentopsis Journal of Paleontology760-767+
6544Neumann et al., 2008 Neuman, C. Wisshak, M. Bromley2008Boring a mobile domicile: an alternative to the conchicolous life habitCurrent Developments in Bioerosion. Wisshak & Tapanila eds 307-328+
6543Cole & Palmer, 1999 Cole, A. R. & Palmer, T. J.1999Middle Jurassic worm borings, and a new giant ichnospecies of Trypanites from the Bajocian/Dinantian unconformity, southern England Proceedings of the Geologists Association203-209+