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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
7098Blisset & Pickerill, 2004 Blisset, D. J. & Pickerill, R. K.2004Observations on macroborings from the White Limestone Group of JamaicaIn: The Mid-Cainozoic White Limestone Group of Jamaica. Donovan, S.K. (ed.) Cainozoic Research167-187
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7095Uchman et al., 2002 Uchman, A., Demircan, H., Toker, V., Derman, S., Sevim, S. & Szulc, J.2002Relative sea level changes recorded in borings from a Miocene rocky of the Mut Basin, southern Turkey Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae263 e 270
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7092Rajchel & Uchman, 1999a Rajchel, J. & Uchman, A.1999Trace fossils of the transgressive Miocene deposits near Dynów Biuletyn Panstwowego Instytutu Geologicznego169 - 171
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7089Knaust et al., 2016 Knaust, D., Uchman, A. & Hagdorn, H.2016The Probable Isopod Burrow Sinusichnus seilacheri isp. n. from the Middle Triassic of Germany: An Example of Behavioral Convergence Ichnos138-146+
7088Moczydłowska et al., 2014 Moczydłowska., M., Westall, F. & Foucher, F.2014Microstructure and Biogeochemistry of the Organically Preserved Ediacaran Metazoan Sabellidites Journal of Paleontology224-239+
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7086Kapesa et al., 2018 Kapesa , L., Singh, B. P., Whiso, K. & Ezung, O. C.2018Ichnology of the Laisong Formation (late Eocene-early Oligocene) of the Naga Hills, Indo-Burma range (IBR): Paleoenvironmental significance Journal of Asian Earth Sciences+
7085Dasgupta et al., 2016b Dasgupta, S., Buatois, L.A. & Mángano, M. G.2016Living on the edge: evaluating the impact of stress factors on animal–sediment interactions within subenvironments of a shelfmargin delta, the Neogene Mayaro Formation of Trinidad.
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7082Dasgupta et al., 2016a Dasgupta, S., Buatois, L. A., Zavala, C., Mángano, M. G. & Törő2016Ichnology of a subaqueously prograding clastic wedge, late Pliocene Morne L'Enfer Formation, Fullarton, Trinidad: Implications for recognition of autogenic erosional surfaces and delineation of stress factors on irregular echinoids Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology365–380
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