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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
8035Donovan & Jagt, 2005 Donovan, S. K. & Jagt, J. W.2005Flosculichnus tectus, an etched attachment scar from the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) of The Netherlands Bull. Inst. R. Sci. Nat. Belg. Sci. Terre207-210
8034Beuck et al., 2008b Beuck, L., López Correa, L. & Freiwald, A.2008Biogeographical distribution of Hyrrokkin (Rosalinidae, Foraminifera) and its host-specific morphological and textural trace variabilityIn: Wisshak, M., Tapanila, L. (Eds.), Current Developments in Bioerosion. 329–360+
8033Wisshak et al., 2014 Wisshak, M., Alexandrakis, E. & Hoppenrath, M.2014The diatom attachment scar Ophthalmichnus lyolithon igen. et isp. n. Ichnos111-118+
8032Breton, 2015 Breton, G.2015Unellichnus calciforans igen. nov., isp. nov., boring in a Maastrichtian lithified seafloor from the Cotentin (France) Annales de Paléontologie143-151+
8031Low & Guinot, 2010 Low, M. E. & Guinot, D.2010Feldmannius nom. nov. for Feldmannia Casadío, Marenssi & Santillana, “30-09-2001”, preoccupied by Feldmannia Guinot & Tavares, “28 septembre 2001”:a case of 48-hour precedence Zootaxa 67-68
8030Terquem & Piette, 1865 Terquem, O. &Piette, É.,1965Paléontologie du Lias Inférieur de l'Est de la France Mémoires de la Société Géologique de France1-175
8029Scrutton, 1975 Scrutton, C.T.1975Hydroid-serpulid symbiosis in the Mesozoic and Tertiary Palaeontology255–274
8028Marek, 1982 Marek, J.1982Runia runica ichnogen. et ichnosp. nov., a new sponge boring from the Silurian of Bohemia Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Geologica401-408
8027Zamora et al., 2011 Zamora, S., Mayoral, E., Esteve, J., Gámez-Vintaned, J. A. & Santos, A.2011Exoskeletal abnormalities in paradoxidid trilobites from the Cambrian of Spain, and a new type of bite trace Bulletin of Geosciences665–673+
8026Thenius, 1979 Thenius, E.1979Lebensspuren von Ephemeropteren-Larven aus dem Jung-Tertiär des Wiender Beckens Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien177-188
8025Morningstar, 1922 Morningstar, H.,1922Pottsville fauna of Ohio Ohio. Division of Geological Survey Bulletin1-296
8024Ekdale et al., 1989 Ekdale, A. A., Brown, F. H. & Feibel, C. S.1989Nonmarine macroborings in early Pleistocene algal biolithites (stromatolites) of the Turkana Basin, northern Kenya Palaios389–396
8023Biernat, 1961 Biernat, G.1961Dorygma atrypophilia n. gen., n. sp. - a parasitic organism of Atrypa zonata Schnur Acta Palaeontologica Polonica17-27
8022Andrew et al., 2010 Andrew, C., Howe, P., Paul, C. R. & Donovan, S. K.2010Fatally bitten ammonites from the lower Lias Group (Lower Jurassic) of Lyme Regis Dorset. Proc. Yorks. Geol. Soc.81-94+
8021Martinell et a., 1999 Martinell, J., Domènech, R. & Bromley, R. G.1999Mysterious boring hidden within the hinge plates of heterodont bivalves DGF161-163
8020Voigt, 1977 Voigt, E.1977On grazing traces produced by the radula of fossil and recent gastropods and chitonsCrimes, T. P. & Harper, J. C. (Eds.), Trace fossils, 2 Geological Journal335-346
8019Golubic, & Lee, 1999 Golubic, S. & Lee S.-J.1999Early cyanobacterial fossil record: preservation, palaeoenvironments and identification 4+
8018Pether, 1995 Pether, J.1995Belichnus new ichnogenus, a ballistic trace on mollusc shells from the Holocene of the Benguela region, South Africa Journal of Paleontology171-181+
8017Bromley & Surlyk, 1973 Bromley, R. G. & Surlyk, F. 1973Borings produced by brachiopod pedicles, fossil and Recent Lethaia349-365+
8016Tavernier et al., 1992 Tavernier, A., Campbell, S. E. & Golubic, S.1992A complex marine shallow-water boring trace: Dendrorete balani n. ichnogen. et ichnospec. Lethaia303-310+