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IDMullakohtUuringualaTransektPunkt transektilMulla nimetusMaakasutusLat.Lon.Sügavkaeve
1 Abeli_1_1985 AbeliLPsöödagaleega58.07610026.9635001
2 Abeli_1_1994 Abeli püsivvKIpõldheinapõld58.07610026.9635001
3 Abeli_2_1985 LPsöödagaleega58.07640026.9639001
4 Abeli_2_1994 Abeli püsivvLPpõldheina põld58.07640026.9639001
5 Abeli_3_1985 SöödagaleegaLPpõld58.07660026.9636001
6 Abeli_3_1994 Abeli püsivvKIpõldheinapõld58.07660026.9636001
7 Abeli_4_1985 söödagaleegaLPpõld58.07690026.9632001
336 Abeli_A1 AbeliA1LP58.07590026.9641000
345 Abeli_A10 AbeliA10LP58.07750026.9649000
337 Abeli_A2 AbeliA2LP58.07610026.9642000
338 Abeli_A3 AbeliA3LP58.07630026.9643000
339 Abeli_A4 AbeliA4LP58.07650026.9644000
340 Abeli_A5 AbeliA5LP58.07660026.9645000
341 Abeli_A6 AbeliA6LP58.07680026.9646000
342 Abeli_A7 AbeliA7LP58.07700026.9647000
343 Abeli_A8 AbeliA8LP58.07710026.9647000
344 Abeli_A9 AbeliA9LP58.07730026.9648000
443 Abeli_B1 AbeliB1LP58.07750026.9646000
452 Abeli_B10 AbeliB10LP58.07600026.9638000
444 Abeli_B2 AbeliB2LP58.07740026.9645000
445 Abeli_B3 AbeliB3LP58.07720026.9644000
446 Abeli_B4 AbeliB4LP58.07700026.9643000
447 Abeli_B5 AbeliB5LP58.07680026.9642000
448 Abeli_B6 AbeliB6LP58.07670026.9641000
449 Abeli_B7 AbeliB7LP58.07650026.9640000
450 Abeli_B8 AbeliB8LP58.07630026.9639000
451 Abeli_B9 AbeliB9LP58.07620026.9639000
453 Abeli_C1 AbeliC1LP58.07600026.9634000
462 Abeli_C10 AbeliC10LP58.07760026.9642000
454 Abeli_C2 AbeliC2LP58.07620026.9635000
455 Abeli_C3 AbeliC3LP58.07640026.9636000
456 Abeli_C4 AbeliC4LP58.07650026.9637000
457 Abeli_C5 AbeliC5LP58.07670026.9638000
458 Abeli_C6 AbeliC6LP58.07690026.9639000
459 Abeli_C7 AbeliC7LP58.07710026.9639000
460 Abeli_C8 AbeliC8LP58.07720026.9640000
461 Abeli_C9 AbeliC9LP58.07740026.9641000
463 Abeli_D1 AbeliD1LP58.07760026.9639000
472 Abeli_D10 AbeliD10LP58.07610026.9631000
464 Abeli_D2 AbeliD2LP58.07750026.9638000
465 Abeli_D3 AbeliD3LP58.07730026.9637000
466 Abeli_D4 AbeliD4LP58.07710026.9636000
467 Abeli_D5 AbeliD5LP58.07690026.9635000
468 Abeli_D6 AbeliD6LP58.07680026.9634000
469 Abeli_D7 AbeliD7LP58.07660026.9633000
470 Abeli_D8 AbeliD8LP58.07640026.9633000
471 Abeli_D9 AbeliD9LP58.07630026.9632000
8 Adavere_1_1994 Adavere vaatlusväljakKorPõldheina põld1
10 Adavere_24_1984 Adavere kasutusüksus 5Koodra põld58.72710025.8610001
11 Adavere_25_1984 Adavere kasutusüksus 5Kopõld58.72730025.8617001