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    Various rock, sediment and soil samples have been collected from drill cores, outcrops and soil sampling points. Such samples may have been analysed for physical and chemical properties, or fossil content, and the corresponding data may have been digitized or are available in old paper archives. The physical samples themselves may or may not have been stored and available for further analysis and research.

    To search samples, specify the criteria of interest. The owner institution of individual samples should be contacted for getting access to the material. Note that some preserved samples may be available only under special conditions and under collaborative research.

Found 60 record(s)

IDInst.Number LocalityDepth (m)Stratigraphy   Lithostratigraphy coll.anal.Weight (g)
100199GITCM-976 Viki borehole 150.05150.15   Männik, P+
100200GITCM-975 Viki borehole 150.20150.35   Männik, P+
78744GITLS-598 Viki borehole 150.30Adavere Stage   Sarv+
100201GITCM-363 Viki borehole 150.50150.63   Männik, P+
100202GITCM-974 Viki borehole 150.80150.87   Männik, P+
100203GITCM-973 Viki borehole 151.00151.10   Männik, P+
102278GIT102278 Viki151.15Viki borehole 151.15Adavere Stage   Velise Formation Shogenova+
135818GITDF15-1 Viki borehole 151.17151.21Adavere Stage   Fike, D.
100204GITCM-972 Viki borehole 151.25151.40   Männik, P+
78745GITLS-597 Viki borehole 151.30Adavere Stage   Sarv+
107800GITM-10461 Viki borehole 151.40151.50Adavere Stage   +
100205GITCM-971 Viki borehole 151.55151.65   Männik, P+
136045GITDF15-228 DF 228 Viki borehole 151.68151.72Adavere Stage   Fike, D.
101901GIT101901 Viki borehole 151.80Telychian   Kiipli, T+
100206GITCM-362 Viki borehole 151.90152.00   Männik, P+
78386GIT78386 Viki borehole 152.10Adavere Stage   Kiipli, T+
100207GITCM-970 Viki borehole 152.15152.30   Männik, P+
78746GITLS-596 Viki borehole 152.30Adavere Stage   Sarv+70
100208GITCM-361 Viki borehole 152.50152.60   Männik, P+
100209GITCM-969 Viki borehole 152.80152.95   Männik, P+
107799GITM-10460 Viki borehole 153.00153.10Adavere Stage   +
7598GIT7598 30Viki borehole 153.10Adavere Stage   Jürgenson+1
100210GITCM-968 Viki borehole 153.10153.20   Männik, P+
78747GITLS-595 Viki borehole 153.20Adavere Stage   Sarv+
100211GITCM-360 Viki borehole 153.35153.50   Männik, P+
100212GITCM-967 Viki borehole 153.60153.70   Männik, P+
136044GITDF15-227 DF 227 Viki borehole 153.60Adavere Stage   Fike, D.
59812GITOM4-311 Viki borehole 153.71153.84Llandovery   Hints, O.+165
100213GITCM-966 Viki borehole 153.85154.00   Männik, P+
78748GITLS-594 Viki borehole 154.00Adavere Stage   Sarv+
102279GIT102279 Viki154.1Viki borehole 154.10Adavere Stage   Velise Formation Shogenova+
100214GITCM-965 Viki borehole 154.15154.25   Männik, P+
100215GITCM-1 Viki borehole 154.35154.50   Männik, P+
78749GITLS-593 Viki borehole 155.10Adavere Stage   Sarv+
102280GIT102280 Viki155.1Viki borehole 155.10Adavere Stage   Velise Formation Shogenova+
100216GITCM-2 Viki borehole 155.30155.45   Männik, P+
136043GITDF15-226 DF 226 Viki borehole 155.65155.75Adavere Stage   Fike, D.
100217GITC95-91 Viki borehole 156.00156.15   Männik, P+
107845GITM-11620 Viki borehole 156.00156.20Adavere Stage   +
78750GITLS-592 Viki borehole 156.30Jaani Stage   Sarv+
100218GITCM-3 Viki borehole 156.50156.65   Männik, P+
107798GITM-10459 Viki borehole 156.50156.70Adavere Stage   +
78387GIT78387 Viki borehole 156.80Telychian   Kiipli, T+
102281GIT102281 Viki157.1Viki borehole 157.10Adavere Stage   Velise Formation Shogenova+
78751GITLS-591 Viki borehole 157.50Jaani Stage   Sarv+
100219GITC95-90 Viki borehole 157.70157.80   Männik, P+
107846GITM-11621 Viki borehole 157.75157.85Adavere Stage   +
7599GIT7599 31Viki borehole 157.80Adavere Stage   Jürgenson+1
136042GITDF15-225 DF 225 Viki borehole 158.05Adavere Stage   Fike, D.
78752GITLS-590 Viki borehole 158.30Jaani Stage   Sarv+
100220GITCM-4 Viki borehole 158.35158.50   Männik, P+
7600GIT7600 32Viki borehole 158.40Adavere Stage   Jürgenson+1
107797GITM-10458 Viki borehole 158.40158.50   +
59811GITOM4-310 Viki borehole 158.74158.89Llandovery   Hints, O.+85
100221GITC95-89 Viki borehole 159.05159.15   Männik, P+
107847GITM-11622 Viki borehole 159.10159.20Adavere Stage   +
102282GIT102282 Viki159.35Viki borehole 159.35Adavere Stage   Velise Formation Shogenova+
78753GITLS-589 Viki borehole 159.40Jaani Stage   Sarv+
100222GITC95-88 Viki borehole 159.80159.92   Männik, P+
107848GITM-11623 Viki borehole 159.90160.00Adavere Stage   +