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NumberOld specimen #Name Part/elementLocality Depth (m)  Stratigraphy Lithostratigraphy CollectorstatusImages
GIT 415-22-1 214Stone meteorites Great Bend, U.S.A.   
GIT 415-22-2 214Stone meteorites Great Bend, U.S.A.   
GIT 415-24 A2283.Stone meteorites Hvittis, Finland   
GIT 415-25 205Stone meteorites Ivanovka   
GIT 415-26 H429.177Stone meteorites Julesburg, U.S.A.   
GIT 415-27 198Stone meteorites Kargapole, Russia   
GIT 415-28 198Stone meteorites Kargapole, Russia   
GIT 415-29 202Stone meteorites Krymka   
GIT 415-30 203Stone meteorites Kukschin, Ukraine   
GIT 415-31 Stone meteorites Kunashak   
GIT 415-32 189Stone meteorites Kunashak   
GIT 415-33 189Stone meteorites Kunashak   
GIT 415-34 189Stone meteorites Kunashak   
GIT 415-35 Stone meteorites Macy, U.S.A.   
GIT 415-37 224Stone meteorites Markovka   
GIT 415-38-1 234Stone meteorites Mckenzie Draw (a), U.S.A.   
GIT 415-38-2 234Stone meteorites Mckenzie Draw (a), U.S.A.   
GIT 415-38-3 234Stone meteorites Mckenzie Draw (a), U.S.A.   
GIT 415-39 224Stone meteorites Metsäkylä   
GIT 415-40 218Stone meteorites Millbillillie, Australia   
GIT 415-46 H449.24; 221Stone meteorites Ozona, U.S.A.   
GIT 415-47 Stone meteorites Ozona, U.S.A.   
GIT 415-48 H441.167Stone meteorites Owasco, U.S.A.   
GIT 415-49 192Stone meteorites Pervomaisky, Russia   
GIT 415-50 Stone meteorites Plainview (1917), U.S.A.   
GIT 415-51 236Stone meteorites Querentaro   
GIT 415-52 B 5102Stone meteorites Salla, Finland   
GIT 415-53 27, 1119Stone meteorites Saratov, Russia   
GIT 415-54 27Stone meteorites Pesyanoe   
GIT 415-55 27Stone meteorites Pesyanoe   
GIT 415-57 226Stone meteorites St. Michel   
GIT 415-58 204Stone meteorites Tsarev, Volgograd District   
GIT 415-59 B5129Stone meteorites Valkeala   
GIT 415-60 186aStone meteorites Vengerovo, Russia   
GIT 415-61 186bStone meteorites Vengerovo, Russia   
GIT 415-63 196Stone meteorites Yurtuk, Ukraine   
GIT 415-65 1119Stone meteorites Zhovtnevyi   
GIT 415-66-1 201Stone meteorites Zvonkov   
GIT 415-66-2 Stone meteorites Zvonkov   
GIT 415-66-3 Stone meteorites Zvonkov   
GIT 398-728 Stone meteorites   
TUG 1287-1 Stone meteorites Gold Basin Arizona   Blennert, J.
TUG 510-1 21560Stone meteorites Erxleben, Stendal   
TUG 535-2 21793Stone meteorites Château-Renard   
TUG 535-3 21794Stone meteorites Ausson   
TUG 535-4 21795Stone meteorites Galapian   
TUG 543-1 22101Stone meteorites Nereta Swajahn  
TUG 506-1 21556Stone meteorites Pillistfer-Kurla meteorite    Mickwitz
TUG 512-1 21567Stone meteorites Pillistfer Sawiauk meteorite   
TUG 552-1 23133Stone meteorites Pillistfer Aukoma meteorite Aukamäe  
TUG 431-1 15904Stone meteorites Oesel meteorite Kaande (Oesel)  
TUG 475-1 19524Stone meteorites L'Aigle Dept. de l’Orne, Normandie  
TUG 483-1 19865Stone meteorites Castine, Maine   
TUG 1185-1 91Stone meteorites Forest City, Iowa   
TUG 1185-7 15700Stone meteorites Jekaterinoslav Mordvinovka, Ekaterinoslav  
TUG 502-1 21182Stone meteorites Zhigailovka Kharkov, Zigajlowka  
TUG 502-2 21183Stone meteorites Timochin   
TUG 529-1 21 651Stone meteorites Nereta Pogel  
TUG 536-1 21796Stone meteorites Ensisheim   
TUG 536-2 21797Stone meteorites Bremervörde   
TUG 536-3 21798Stone meteorites Wold Cottage   
TUG 536-4 21799Stone meteorites Bishopville, South Carolina   
TUG 484-1 19868Stone meteorites Daugavpils Lixna=Liksna  
TUG 511-2 21562Stone meteorites Forsyth   
TUG 511-3 21563Stone meteorites Monroe, North Carolina   
TUG 511-4 21561Stone meteorites Vouille   
TUG 526-1 21581Stone meteorites Stannern   
TUG 586-1 28050Stone meteorites Knyahinya   
TUG 511-5 21564Stone meteorites Petersburg, Tennessee   
TUG 534-1 21790Stone meteorites Butsura   
TUG 534-2 21791Stone meteorites Parnallee   
TUG 537-1 21805Stone meteorites Tourinnes-la-Grosse   
TUG 537-2 21803Stone meteorites Orgueil   
TUG 553-1 23134Stone meteorites Luotolax   
TUG 556-1 23137Stone meteorites Kuleschovka   
TUG 557-1 23138Stone meteorites Barbotan   
TUG 557-2 23139Stone meteorites Weston, Connecticut   
TUG 557-3 23140Stone meteorites Juvinas   
TUG 557-4 23141Stone meteorites Richmond, Virginia   
TUG 557-5 23142Stone meteorites Marion, Iowa   
TUG 557-6 23143Stone meteorites Shalka   
TUG 557-7 23144Stone meteorites Yatoor   
TUG 557-9 23146Stone meteorites New Concord   
TUG 557-10 23147Stone meteorites Dhurmsala   
TUG 557-11 23148Stone meteorites Cold Bokkeveld   
TUG 557-12 23149Stone meteorites Favars   
TUG 558-1 23150Stone meteorites Chantonnay   
TUG 567-1 24287Stone meteorites Dolgaja Volja   
TUG 583-1 25057Stone meteorites Bjelaja Zerkov   
TUG 583-2 25058Stone meteorites Zaboritsa   
TUG 583-3 25059Stone meteorites Bialystok   
TUG 508-1 21558Stone meteorites Buschhof meteorite   
TUG 536-6 21797Stone meteorites Bremervörde   
TUG 1185-16 Stone meteorites Soko-Banja   
TUG 1185-17 Stone meteorites Rakovka   
TUG 1185-18 37913Stone meteorites Alfianello   
TUG 1185-19 37913Stone meteorites Alfianello   
TUG 1185-20 2815Stone meteorites Honolulu   
TUG 1686-2 Stone meteorites Pillistfer-Kurla meteorite   
TUG 1686-3 Stone meteorites Pillistfer Sawiauk meteorite   
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