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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
6325Märss et al., 2017 Märss, T., Wilson, M. V. H., Saat, T. & Špilev, H.2017Gill rakers and teeth of three pleuronectiform species (Teleostei) of the Baltic Sea: a microichthyological approach Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences21-46+
6324Männik, 2017 Männik, P.2017Conodont biostratygraphy of the Oandu Stage (Katian, Upper Ordovician) in NE Estonia Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences1-12+
6323Gubanov et al., 2017 Gubanov, A. P., Ebbestad, J.-O. & Männik, P.2017The problematic mollusc Jinonicella from the Silurian of North America GFF+
6322Ferron & Botella, 2017 Ferron, H. G. & Botella, H.2017Squamation and ecology of thelodonts PLOS ONE1-40+
6321Kaljo & Paškevičius, 1993 Kaljo, D. L. & Paškevičius, J. Yu.1993Experience of biozonal stratigraphy in the Baltic Geologija24-44
6320Borgen & Nakrem, 2016 Borgen, U. J. & Nakrem, H. A.2016Morphology, Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Osteolepiform Fish Fossils and Strata1-520
6319Challands & den Blaauwen, 2016 Challands, T & den Blaauwen, J.2016A redescription of the Middle Devonian dipnoan Pentlandia macroptera Traquair, 1889, and an assessment of the Phaneropleuridae Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society1-47+
6318Florenski, 1977 Florenski, P. W.1977The Meteoritic Crater Zhamanshin (Northern Aral Region, USSR) and its Tektites and Impactites 83-95
6317Kaasik, 2017 Kaasik, A.2017Kalevipoeg seisab kolmel kivil Eesti Loodus32-34
6316Muuga, 2017 Muuga, M.2017Avaste mägi, astang keset lauget Lääne-Eestit Eesti Loodus63-65
6315Downs et al., 2016 Downs, J. P., Daeschler, E. B., Garcia, V. E. & Shubin, N. H.2016A new large-bodied species of Bothriolepis (Antiarchi) from the Upper Devonian of Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology+
6314Horny, 1956 Horný, R. J.1956On the Genus Dawsonoceras Hyatt, 1884 (Nautiloidea) of Central Bohemia 425-476
6313Volkova & Kiryanov, 1995 Volkova, N. A. & Kiryanov, V. V.1995 Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation66-74
6312Volkova, 1989b Volkova, N. A.1989Acritarchs from the part of Pakerort Stage of northern Estonia and Leningrad oblastПалеофлористика и стратиграфия фанерозоя Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology4-12
6311Arendt, 1961 Arendt, Yu. A.1961 Paleontologicheski Zhurnal101-106
6310Akulšina et al., 1973 Akulšina, E. P., Moskvin, V. I., Obut, A. M. & Pisareva, G. M.1973Геохимия докембрийских и палеозойских отложений Сибири 85.94
6309Ainsaar et al., 1992 Ainsaar, L., Paalits, I., Erdtmann, B. D., Heuse, T., Buschkühle, B. & Brunsmann, A.1992Paläozoikum des Zentralen Baltischen Schildes. Grosse Exkursion. Südost-Schweden und Estland, Sommer 1992. 1-76
6308Ludwig, 1999 Ludwig, A. O.1999Mittelkambrische Konglomerat-Geschibe mit Sandstein-Geröllen und Fossilresten Archiv für Geschiebekunde443-448
6307Kattai et al., 1990b Kattai , V. A., Klubov, B. A., Kala, E. A. & Suuroja, K. A. 1990Bitumen outcrops on Hiiumaa Island Oil Shale10-18
6306Kattai, 1986 Kattai, V.1986Karstic dislocations in the commercial layer of the Estonian kukersite deposit and regularities in their occurrence Oil Shale225-233