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IDLocalityCountryLatitude (dec. deg.)Longitude (dec. deg.)Vertical extent (m)Stratigraphy baseStratigraphy topDrillcoreImagesMapMA ID
22921 Oredezh River outcrop near village Bor, Leningrad Oblast Russia58.96431330.567037Gauja Stage Amata Stage +
22920 Antonovo Lake, Borschovo village, Leningrad Oblast Russia58.84464030.366951Amata Stage Amata Stage +
22919 Saba outcrop, Saba River, Leningrad Oblast Russia59.03567729.088672Aruküla Stage Aruküla Stage +
22918 Osmino quarry, Leningrad Oblast Russia59.02686229.092144Aruküla Stage Aruküla Stage +
22917 Osmino outcrop, Saba River, Leningrad Oblast Russia59.01424629.090035Aruküla Stage Aruküla Stage +
22916 Psoed outcrop, Saba River, Leningrad Oblast Russia58.99074029.096630Aruküla Stage Aruküla Stage +
22915 Lemovzha River outcrop, Leningrad Oblast Russia59.11661329.301516Narva Stage Narva Stage +
22914 Bukhta Russkaya, Kamchatka Russia52.424000158.457300 +
22913 Khalaktyrsky Beach, Kamchatka Russia52.998844158.861941 +
22912 Belye vodopady, Kamchatka Russia53.771000159.392500 +
22911 Nalychevo Nature Park, Kamchatka Russia53.509170158.759240 +
22910 Gorely volcano, Kamchatka Russia52.558000158.030000 +
22909 Borehole No. 554, Leningrad Oblast Russia
22908 Osmino 156 borehole, Leningrad Oblast Russia171.00Cambrian
22907 Ehmja Estonia58.86033623.761413 +
22906 Osmino 107 borehole, Leningrad Oblast Russia
22905 Borehole No. R-2294 Estonia Rakvere Stage
22904 Borehole No. R- 2293 Estonia Rakvere Stage
22903 Borehole No. R-1652 Estonia
22902 Borehole No. R-1615 Estonia
22901 Borehole No. R-1610 Estonia
22900 Sablinka outcrop, Leningrad Oblast RussiaPakerort Stage Volkhov Stage
22899 Borehole No. 1305 Estonia
22898 Borehole No 1305 Estonia
22897 Kladno, Bohemia Czech Republic50.14556014.106940 +
22896 Türisalu waterfall outcrop Estonia59.41214424.304286Pakerort Stage Pakerort Stage +
22895 Danilov 1 borehole Russia
22894 Usoltsevo 3 borehole Russia
22893 Borehole Ф-271, Leningrad Oblast RussiaProterozoic
22892 Borehole 232, Leningrad Oblaast Russia
22891 Borehole No. 236, Leningrad Oblast RussiaProterozoic
22890 Borehole 202, Leningrad Oblast Russia
22889 Osmino 118 borehole, Leningrad Oblast Russia107.00
22888 Maidla 75-K5 borehole EstoniaProterozoic
22887 Tilleoja outcrop, Pärnumaa Estonia58.50402524.949688Pärnu Stage +
22886 Konsu borehole EstoniaOrdovician Middle Devonian
22885 Kodru Estonia59.12296625.639333 Pirgu Stage +
22884 Aru bridge Oandu River Estonia59.29433627.030691 Jõhvi Substage +
22883 Simuna crater Estonia59.07276926.385227 +
22882 Yantarny, Kaliningrad Oblast Russia54.86666719.950000 +
22881 Urmizno 5 borehole, Leningrad oblast Russia59.75373728.818490227.00Proterozoic Ediacara +
22880 Porkhov borehole, Pskov Russia57.76643229.561213Proterozoic +
22879 Nevel borehole Estonia56.09226429.130605936.00Pakerort Stage Uhaku Stage +
22878 Salaküla, Ida-Virumaa Estonia59.35001626.957577 Kukruse Stage +
22877 Kulna 133 borehole EstoniaProterozoic Vormsi Stage
22876 Atlas Mountains Morocco31.061944-7.916111 +
22875 Baden-Baden Germany48.7619448.240833 +
22874 Pakri village, Pakri Peninsula Estonia59.34905024.101308 +
22873 Kuie 11 borehole Estonia255.00Cambrian Pirgu Stage
22872 Escanaba River, Michigan United States45.778054-87.058854 Ordovician +