New server hardware thanks to Environmental Investment Centre

2004-05-27 00:00:00

Environmental Investment Centre (www.kik.ee) of the Estonian Ministry of the Environment supported through its Earth Crust Programme purchase of new server hardware for the Institute's collections database.

Until recently, an ordinary PC with 1.8GHz P4 CPU, 256MB memory and Windows XP was used both as server to store and serve more than 100 000 rows of data in local network and for internet, and as a workstation to run MS Access based front-end. This setup proved however largely unreliable for this amount of data. Moreover, due to limited storage and backup space (CDs were used) collection of digital images was not possible.

The new box is Dell PowerEdge 2600 with two Xeon processors, SCSI RAID, plenty of memory and tape backup running on RedHat Linux for high availability and enhanced security.

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