Collections database joined BioCASE network

2003-11-17 00:00:00

The collections database system develped and used at the institute of Geology at TTU joined the prototype of the BioCASE network -- Europen FP 5 project which aims at giving on-line access to unit-level data of all natural history collections in Europe.

All joined data sources can be searched through the central web interface. More information about the BioCASE project can be found at http://www.biocase.org

Collaboration with Estonian Museum of Natural History

2003-11-13 00:00:00

Department of Geology of the Estonian Museum of Natural History started to test and implement the same software and the same data model used at the Institute of Geology. On 13th November 2003, an agreement was signed by the directors of both institutions to further tighen collaboration in the field of curation of geological collections and facilitate information exchange.

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