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Using the collections

Check: detailed regulations of using the collections (also available as pdf | pdf, in Estonian).

Inqueries, loans and visits

Main policies on usage of the collections at Institute of Geology are provided here (.pdf); for additional details consult the staff: collections@gi.ee. In brief, inqueries and research visits are welcome, and loans of most specimens for scientific purposes can be accepted, generally for one-year period. For visiting researchers the institute will be able to provide necessary office and lab facilities, but no financial support for guests is currently available. If interested, please contact our staff few weeks in advance to arrange a visit and/or check the availability of the material.


The collections database SARV aims to make most of the digitised data available and searchable on this website, in , Estonian geocollections portal and by international data networks (GeoCASe, BioCASe, GBIF). Few data are restricted to institutional usage and require direct collaboration with researcher(s) of the institute in order to get access to. Also, when searching the on-line database, please remember that less than half of unit-level data are currently digitised.

Please note that the publicly available data are copyrighted by the Institute of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology and distributed under the Creative Commons BY-NC licence.

This means that you are free to download, use and distribute the data for any non-commercial purposes, given that you cite the author and source.